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Karaoke Jukebox
Digital karaoke jukebox software

Karaoke Jukebox
Price: 99

Works with...
32 & 64bit OS
Higher powered XP machines
Windows Vista
Windows 7 & Windows 8 desktop

Deliverey method: instant software download
Single PC Portable License:What does this mean ?.
PC Requirements
Supported file types: CDG files and CDG files that are in zipped folders (mp3+g), it CANNOT read karaoke files from CD's or other karaoke formats

Simple 'Kiosk' style layout

The Karaoke Jukebox user interface is designed for simple 'no instructions required' operation.
Users navigate your songs and tracks just like a real jukebox using either a touchscreen or a mouse.

The jukebox interface can be set to cover the entire visible screen, so there is no need to give anyone access to your computer files or folders.

Main ScreenForget messing about with databases, you don't need these with Karaoke Jukebox, because an artist cover and track title card are automatically generated from your existing track name and folder picture.

Easy updating of your music with drag & drop

Search FeatureSearch feature makes it easy to find songs FAST!, Just press the buttons to type in what you want to search for.

You will be amazed what Karaoke Jukebox finds, all those great songs you had forgotten about.

Search is fast too, give it a go!

Popular Album FeatureKaraoke Jukebox can display song lyrics insde the user interface.
Popular Album Feature

 NEW, If your computer has a second monitor output, Karaoke Jukebox can now display the song lyrics on another monitor or big screen instead of the user interface.

Background Music FeatureBackground Music function

Just like a real jukebox, Karaoke Jukebox can be set to play background music until a selection is made.

You can tell Karaoke Jukebox (via a single button) to play random songs from your background music collection,either one after another (constant) or with a break between tracks.

You can even set your jukebox to play INTERNET RADIO as your background music!.

coin operated functionsCoin Operated functions, karaoke Jukebox can be used in free play or Coin-Op mode.

The coin-op functions allows you to change coin/credit input settings for different coin values.

There is also a percent totalizer function for coins that do not have enough value to give 1 credit.

SkinsYou can change the look and feel of Karaoke Jukebox with skins.

Your jukebox ships with a default skin and this cheerful little one we call 'Playtime'.

More skins will be available for you to download in future.

Attract featuresA great promotional tool: Advertisements

karaoke Jukebox can be set to show your advertising images in the main content window or on a second monitor during periods of inactivity, this can be used to advertise your venue, event or business.

Karaoke Jukebox will randomly cycle through your advertising images at an interval that you can set.

Drag & DropEasy to update with Drag & Drop

To add songs to your collection simply drag & drop your .CDG files (also reads zipped .CDG files).

That's it!, Karaoke Jukebox now shows your songs, no fiddly databases, no id3 tags to fix, No worries!

We've only scratched the surface here with Karaoke Jukebox's amazing feature list
but, if you've seen enough to know Karaoke Jukebox is for you then click the buy now button to Download.

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