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PC requirements

The PC requirements below are not absolute and you should regard this page as a guide to help you decide which product is best suited to your needs. If you are unsure about anything just ask us...

All of our software products require an internet connection for first time install / registration

Home Jukebox

Home Jukebox is better for lower powered Windows machines, we recommend a minimum of 1ghz CPU 2gb RAM and 256mb graphics or better.
Home Jukebox will run on Windows XP Sp2, Vista, Win7 & Win8 desktop either 32 or 64 Bit.

Because some older windows XP machines do not have the .NET framework files installed you may need to install them using the link below, or you can simply run setup which will install these files for you.


Videobox has animations & video that require better graphics & memory, we recommend you use a 1gb graphics card or better and a bare minimum of 4gb system ram.

If you're not sure what memory or graphics your computer has, simply check your computers 'Windows Experience Index' is 3.5 or above and you should be ok.

To see your 'Windows Experience Index' simply right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Properties' from the menu that opens.

Videobox will run on Windows XP Sp2, Vista, Win7 & Win8 desktop machines either 32 or 64 Bit.

Because Videobox can play video tracks & flash animations your computer needs to have the flash & video codec files installed, you can download them all for free now with the links below, or you can run the Videobox install which guides you through installing these files.

Karaoke Jukebox

In general, karaoke Jukebox is based on Videobox technology and so will run on Windows Xp Sp2, Vista, Win7 & Win8 desktop.

If you wanted to run Karaoke Jukebox on a Windows XP machine, we would recommend a minimum of 2Ghz CPU, 2Gig RAM and a 128 Mb graphics card or better.


Download Flash (if you have a 64bit OS you MUST install the 64 bit flash player too)

Download Video codecs (you can choose any.. Basic, Standard or Full)

Install the .NET framework (mostly for older XP machines)

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