Here are the most common questions answered...

Q. I didn't get my serial key, when will you send it ?.
A. Your key was sent to your PayPal email. if you don't have access to that email then just contact us and we will forward it to your new email address.

Q. My computer has died, is there any way to unlock software from a dead PC ?.
A. We may be able to help, go HERE.

Q. Will this work on android or tablet ?.
A. No, its for windows PC only.

Q. Do you supply/sell music files.
A. No, you should use your own music files.

Q. How do I connect a coin acceptor ?.
A. It's easy, go HERE.

Q. Do you have a phone number?.
A. We cant offer phone support at the moment, please just send us an email or contact us on our help forum HERE.

Q. Should I drink beer while tagging my music files ?.
A. Yes, we have conducted many test's and found that this helps.

Sorry guy's but... this contact form really is only for pre-purchase questions and license issues, so don't send us software problems or pc issues, we will not reply and your email will be blocked.
if you need pc software or tech help you can talk to us HERE