Dead computer service

Here are the things we can help you with...
  • You forgot to deactivate your software before changing PC/Components
  • Your PC, hard drive or motherboard died before you could deactivate
  • You have lost your license serial number
  • You no longer have the PC that your software was originally registered to

Please note:- The Dead Computer service is a manual task for us, it is not automated, and so we ask a small admin fee for this service, currently £20. We will try to complete your request the same working day if we can, but depending on our staffing level this can take up to 48hrs.


The first thing to do is fix your PC and get it all set up, install all drivers, components and update all of your system software including your jukebox software, make sure it all works.

Order our Dead Computer Service, you will receive a confirmation at your PayPal email address.

Reply to the confirmation email stating your license serial number if you know it, your full name and your PayPal email address.

When we have received a reply from you with your details we will conduct a search for your registration and apply any fixes that are required, if we cannot fix your broken install or find your registration details then we will issue a new license key to you.