Business solutions

Pub Jukebox Enterprise Edition

Protected music library

Create scrambled music library's in order to deter theft of your music files.

Client locked media

Lock music to a specific jukebox to prevent music sharing & sideloading.

Scrambled updates

Scramble music updates to stop them being copied.

Management console

Use our Jukebox Management Console (JMC) to prepare updates and keep track of your customers details.

Pub Jukebox (Enterprise Edition)

Pub Jukebox enterprise edition is our premium jukebox software for business, it has all of the same great features as the Pro edition, but add's the ability to play media files that have been scrambled, this edition also enforces a music update every 30 days, this will prevent the jukebox from playing if its not updated with new music regularly.


Pub Jukebox (Non-compliant Edition)

The non-compliant edition can also play scrambled music files, but it does NOT enforce a 30 day lockout, this is useful if you just wish to protect your music library from casual copying but don't want to force your customers to update.


Jukebox Management Console (Enterprise Edition)

In order to encode scrambled music files for the enterprise & non-compliant editions of Pub Jukebox you will need an enterprise license for your Jukebox Management Console.


Minimum PC Requirements

Note: The Enterprise editions of Pub Jukebox generally require a faster computer to cope with the music decoding algorithm.

Windows Xp, Win7, Win8 - 32 & 64 Bit (.NET Framework 3.5)
1Gb Graphics card (2Gb+ Recommend)
2Ghz CPU (3Ghz+ Recommend)
4Gb RAM (4Gb+ Recommend)
Fast HDD, (SSD Recommended)

Your music files must be encoded using an enterprise edition of the JMC.
Pub Jukebox plays MP3,WMA,AAC,M4A Audio files - MP4,WMV,MPG Video files - MP3+G Karaoke Files
Pub Jukebox requires properly tagged music files to operate, a music tagger function is included to help you with this.

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