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Title: Home Juke Box - will not play radio streams
Post by: gavin on December 24, 2020, 08:48:44 PM
good evening i am playing with home juke box and i cant seem to get it to connect to internet radio, it fails to connect and continues scrolling down the list of alternatives not playing any of them. This could be something really simple but im not able to download the manual from the site to follow any step by steps.

Im running a fresh install of windows 10 and home Juke box is the only additional programme installed. i have looked at firewalls and all permissions seem to be in place, i get no error just not connecting to radio streams. internet connection is also very stable.

if someone has an answer i would be very greatfull to hear it, if this is a frequently asked question please point me to the answers. kind regards Gavin
Title: Re: Home Juke Box - will not play radio streams
Post by: Steve on December 25, 2020, 07:37:02 AM
Hi Gavin, sometimes the streams are just a pain and timeout (we dont know why), you will find that one day they work and the next they wont, thats why we put multiple slots in there as a fall-back. also some networks/routers are a problem too, for instance I have a radio url that works in my house (talk radio) but wont work on my man-cave jukebox in my shed (connected with wifi).

Ok, first think to ask is are you using the default stream urls that were already installed at setup, or have you input new urls yourself ?.
Are you connected directly to your router ?, wireless or wired ?

Steve  :D