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Hi Guys
Our Bry has let me have a little play around with the next Videobox update today and I'm impressed!, it's handling tags better than the current version, but you know what, it didn't take me long to realize that my music file tags were spoiling the show a little because I had missing pictures and artist names etc, so... I fired up Music Manager to get my tracks in order and it worked a treat   :D

So I'm thinking you guys will want to get your music sorted before the update right ?, well now you can, I've put our Music Manager tags editor on our website for anyone to download for FREE!, Yey  ;D

Download from the Tools & Utilities section here:-

Hi Steve.
I cant seem to download the music manager program. I went to the main page/ tools/music manager but when i click inst"javascript;"


Hmm, try a different browser see if that helps  :D


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