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karaoke files not playing

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Hi guys......long time no speak. I'm having issues with a new windows 7 install not playing karaoke files.

Basically i hit play on a karaoke file and nothing happens.

Strangest thing is they worked when i first installed, but a week later have decided to not play.

Any ideas???

Also dont know if this helps but i cant get the playlist screen to appear here

nevermind about the playlist thingy, i used the cleaner and reset. so show playlist wasnt turned on.

Still got the original issue with cdg files not playing though.

I did a system restore and it worked, but after a reboot it stopped again.

Driving me nuts this new install :(

Ok, so after the system restore, it works fine UNTIL i try the access engineer tab then the screen freezes and i have alt tab to get out then after re-opening videobox, cdg files wont work.

Hi Stampy

Want me to take a look for you ? (remote session).


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