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Can anyone help me.  I have just payed for a 3 month subscription to download the system cleaning tool.  It's let me pay the subscription. Now in the current subscription page it shows the 3 month subscription but the status is inactive. When I click on activate highlighted in blue. But it just takes me to a page to pay again. The payment has defonately gone out of my PayPal. 
Any advise will be appreciated. M

Hi Sam

Sorry for the delay, activating subscriptions is a manual task for us, you should be good to go now  :D

Any problems let me know

That's brilliant thanks.  Don't worry about the delay it's not a problem.  Thanks

IS there still a members section to subscribe to?  I couldn't seem to find any links, or a list of items that were available...  Thanks

Hi Sam, yes there is, we just changed the name of it to 'Resource Centre', its here:-


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