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Screen Change, 2nd Monitor resets


Ive put this in general because I dont think its a problem but moreover a setting?

If I turn on a new TV (I have 5 in my bar) or turn one off, or if I change the output to, lets say, 'Sky TV' then change back... screen 2 needs resetting within the software. I go Engineer > Video Options > User Interface > Display 2.. then it all resets.

Is there a way to make it 'realise' a new screen have been added and make it scan this itself?

Matt (Videobox)

Hmm, i dont know if there is a workaround for this because when you turn a screen off you remove it from the available monitors on your system.

Put your 'Auto-detect' idea on the wish list so that our Bry will see it, he will know if this is possible.  :D

Ok will do. Thanks.


Hello Shakesbar
did you get this sorted as i have the same issue?
looking forward to your reply


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