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Good day forum,
                       I think that we should try support ourselves, instead of relying on Steve to answer every question posted in the videobox forum.
  We all have experience in use videobox, so instead of just viewing the post let us have so input please.
   I am asking again is anyone using the micro PC with videobox?????

Well-said reno, I do try to check the forum every day but it's not always possible to do, and I cant possibly know about every PC or setting, this is a good post and I hope it get's more people involved with answering questions that they know something about.
I'm sorry I dont know about your micro Pc but I will announce this topic to see if other members will help you...

Thanks reno  :D

Only mini systems i have used is mini itx and nettbox mini PCs

cant be that much difference

Ok, can’t you give me the specs on it. And we’re you satisfied with how it was running videobox.

Thank for your response.

Video box struggled on these embedded CPUs does work but loading and search is slow

not recommended
pub juke should work smother with 4 gig memory


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