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WMA music files and genre / sub-genre
« on: February 06, 2022, 04:51:38 PM »
I have found that WMA music files do not operate in the same manner as MP3 files with regard to genre and sub-genre setup.

I have used WMA files mainly for 'gapless' music track playback which overcomes the fault with trying to use MP3 music tracks having silence embedded at start of the files.

So, I setup an Artist as the primary genre and follow all albums for that artist as sub-genres.  Using MP3Tag I would use the following Genre tags:-

'Artist A/Artist A - Album 1'                   - (contains MP3 album tracks)
'Artist A/Artist A - Album 2'                   - (contains WMA 'gapless' album tracks)
'Artist A/Artist A - Album 3'                   - (contains MP3 album tracks)

In the above example, 'Artist A' main genre button will appear on the home screen followed buy 'Album 2' the WMA music folder.  Both 'Album 1' and 'Album 3' MP3 folders will appear as expected, only after selecting the 'Artist A' button with an additional button to show 'All Music' tracks.  When the 'All Music' button is selected, the WMA formatted tracks do not appear. 

In order to attach an image to the 'Artist A' / 'Album 2' genre button, I have to change the Genre tag within to WMA files to read 'Artist A - Album 2'.

Hope I have explained this issue and I can attach a screen shot if required.

Also, with regard to the ordering / presenting album tracks within a single folder, I have had to modify the 'Title' tag and prefix track title names with a 2 digit number.  This is to preserve album tracks to match the order of the physical vinyl, CD or electronic release.  The ordering of tracks within a folder seems to ignore the 'Track' tag when populated and the music track physical file names.  It would be 'nice' to have the option to use / ignore the 'Track' number tag but I can live with this work around.