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Help with clean install of XP on Dell Optiplex PC


General advice needed on how to legally obtain an XP installation disc / ISO image for reinstall on a DEL Optiplex PC.

- I purchased the PC with XP already installed (it has a genuine Dell / Windows XP Professional product key sticker).  Some time ago, I accidently wiped the Windows XP partition while I was dabbling with and installing other Linux / Amiga based operating system software.  It did not bother me at the time as I had my working Vista PC and I have since replaced this with a Windows 10 PC.

However, linked to my recent dealings with both 'Home Jukebox' (purchased, for Win 10 machine) and now 'VideoBox' (trial version), I think that a fresh install of XP or even Win 7 / 8 (if possible ?) on this DELL machine would be fantastic in order to have a standalone Jukebox / VideoBox (still undecided which at this moment but swaying in favour of having VideoBox which plays both video and music if setup correctly).

I don't have any original XP discs.  It did work great when Win XP was installed and connected to the internet via a LAN socket.  Obviously with Win XP / 7 / 8 no longer supported by Microsoft, the PC would not be connected permanently to the internet, just for the install process for the Jukebox / VideoBox software and maybe occasional web surfing.
Any advice greatly appreciated as I am reluctant to throw out a perfectly good, but slightly old, PC.

I saw this page that seems to have a win7 download (near the bottom) 32 & 64 bit, I can't say if its any good or not but you can take a look:-
In the past I have also bought windows os product keys on ebay for cheap  ;D

Thanks for the advice, will definitely give both ideas a try.


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