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My search function not working (always returning Nothing Found)

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Hi, this is my first post on here, sorry if this has been raised before but I cannot find a anywhere.  My search function has previously worked with no issues, however, it now only returns Nothing Found.  All I have done is change my JBP file to and external hard drive.  I have updated the location for music scan and BGM in settings but cannot find anywhere where I need to do the same for search function.  Appreciate any help on this and thanks all.  Craig.

Hi can anyone help on this, thanks for your help.

Is this new music on the external hard drive or have you copied the music (jbp folder) from your computer to the external hard drive ?

Hi, all copied across thanks.

Could the external hdd be going to sleep due to inactivity ?.
How is the external hdd attached, is it usb or lan (nas) ?


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