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Hello everyone

I thought it might be fun to have a little prize draw, so here it is, the lucky winner will receive a product license of their choice, either for Juke Blaster Pro, Videobox or Karaoke Jukebox. :D

To enter.....

Simply complete our customer survey here:-

The rules
This Prize Draw is open to any User of our products over the age of 16yrs from any country.
The winner will be chosen by a random method of our choosing.
No equivalent cash alternatives to the stated prizes are available.
My decision is final in ALL matters relating to this prize draw
We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this prize draw at any time

hey bry your survey is broken on the last question mate......says "do you wish to be included in our draw" yes/no, then dosent light up the boxes to click next or finish :(

nope you just skiped a question go back with prev buton to complete it

gayness......i tried that, lol i'll do it all over again :D see what happens

yep i skipped the question about "whats bad about our products".......i honestly dont think theres anything bad :D


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