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Title: NT is BACK!
Post by: Steve on April 26, 2015, 07:20:10 PM
Well guys I've had some old-school fun today ;D playing with the new version of Juke Blaster NT, for those of you that don't remember the 'NT' version of Juke Blaster let me remind you...

Juke Blaster NT was introduced in 2012 as a 'Non-Touchscreen' offshoot program from Juke Blaster Pro, the idea was that you didn't have to go and buy an expensive touchscreen to make a jukebox because you would simply enter the number of a track on a cheap number pad, like we all used to do back in the day! remember ?  ;D.

Well, the NT version was a dud, it had input problems and all sorts of bugs so it was abandoned, BUT... its back! for 2015, our Bry has spent a bit of time trying to repair all the bugs and I've had a go today and I think it deserves another chance.

So... I've put Juke Blaster NT on our website so that you can download it and give it a try for yourself, personally I think NT is a cool retro idea for the digital age and could probably be a nice little earner for someone, get yourself a cheap number pad (about 4 quid on eBay) and you have a jukebox to sell, i bet somebody will undercut the touchscreen sellers on eBay with this ?, anyways give NT a go and please report any bugs.

Download:- http://jukeblaster.com/index.php?page=detail&get_id=31&category=


Title: Re: NT is BACK!
Post by: jukejohn on February 04, 2018, 04:02:16 PM
hi steve/bry
is nt still available this might be ideal for a hybrid project im starting the link download is dead
if so is a test available

cheers dudes
Title: Re: NT is BACK!
Post by: Steve on February 04, 2018, 08:26:29 PM
Hi John

Sadly its not available now, it would need sprucing up a bit and some updating to make it work well again.
Whats your project :-?
Title: Re: NT is BACK!
Post by: jukejohn on February 04, 2018, 08:53:58 PM
its for a project which I think as never been done before from my research

it going to be a vinyl jukebox with software for mp3 a hybrid setup
but want to use a key control interface that lists the records and the mp3s all in one place don't want to use the old paper title cards want it all looking smart on a nice large interface

I don't mind if I could try it as is not bothered about search system and all the other extras just need it to be title card selection so in keeping with the old style look wouldn't mind trying it out

dwjukebox is the only one that comes close but not close enough for this project

would use video box via touch screen if it displayed tracks label on each genre but it uses folders within folders if you understand me I need it to display title cards on genre selection
unless there's someway I could mod it or if you or bry could mod it
which is a big ask for one person

having a custom cab built but software seems to be holding things up

so any help would be great
Title: Re: NT is BACK!
Post by: Steve on February 04, 2018, 09:06:52 PM
I dont know if you tried NT but as I remember it has sliding pages, and then the categories were along the top.
there were problems with it, like if you had too many categories the would fall off the end etc.
I dont know your plans but it sounds complex, how would you controll a hybrid ?, how would it know if the selection is vinyl or mp3 ?...

How about this.. the tracks are all mp3's but when you select one a vinyl disk plays at the same time so that it looks like a record is playing but realy its just an mp3... ah ah ? :-)
Title: Re: NT is BACK!
Post by: jukejohn on February 04, 2018, 09:20:28 PM
you use it as normal but you give the vinyl categories the name of the record a and b sides and selection number for the mechanism side using a dummy mp3 just blank infoe
and im putting a audio switch in place for mp3 and vinyl choice so it wouldn't conflict playback
got it all worked out just the interface I need

there will not be many categories as keeping it old 50s/60s/70s/rock/soul/ even got hundreds of vinyl ripped singles complete with crackles and pops lol so would give it that authentic sound and looks