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Videobox / Re: media player
« Last post by Pugsley on November 28, 2021, 07:47:32 PM »
I am wondering the same thing for the same reason.

Before I started using Videobox i just had MPC (Media Player Classic) loaded up with a random playlist and it had the option to normalize all audio. And it did it well. Loud stuff was not messed with and quiet stuff (Pink Floyd) would have the volume increased till it roughly matched the loud stuff giving the over all effect of everything being the same "loudness" with out messing up the dynamic range like the built in windows 10 normalizing does. The way the Win 10 does it is it squashes loud stuff and quiet stuff is still quiet and it ruins the dynamic range in most everything that passes through it.

Does Videobox use its own internal player or is it using an external one and if external what is it using?

Pub Jukebox / Re: delay in video showing on screen change?
« Last post by Steve on November 26, 2021, 05:50:52 AM »
Thanks for your kind words tigerpie  ;D , also the beer sounds like a plan  :P
We have a 'wish list' if you want to put your feature request on there:-
Our Bry looks at the wish list each time he makes any updates, so you never know!  :D
Pub Jukebox / Re: delay in video showing on screen change?
« Last post by tigerpie on November 25, 2021, 10:44:35 PM »
Hi Steve,
for a bit of background, I have worked with around 9 different types of jukebox / background music systems over the last 15 years within a commercial environment. and yes, I agree that you cant please everyody all of the time, the amount of times our customers have requested changes and i have had to tell em, no way, it is what is, without even going back to the developers has been many. I admit it was my bad assuming that the Karaoke side of things worked like all the others, i thought when we initially tested the enterprise version of pubjuke that it did work like all the rest, obviously i didnt pay enough attention to the intro / start up of each karaoke track like i should have. I agree pubjuke is pretty cool. The JMC is great (although i do use 2 other programs to tag and so forth before ingesting into pubjuke, but this is mainly that I feel more comfortable using those programs) the fact that the music can be scrambled is spot on in regards to what we are after so we can have some control over who uses the music we supply. The interfce customisations are sweet, and being able to use with a coin mech will allow us to supply for party hire and pub's and clubs.  So thats all the good stuff, and the few negatives we have experienced with file types and so forth we can live with and do a work around (like the CDG files not working and large files not able to be scrambled) but i still think that the karaoke having that delay is a pretty big thing, i wont say it renders the karaoke side of things useless, but it has the potential to be a big thing, surely you would agree with that?
Is there any chance of a workaround / update being added to a list for future reference and can donations help speed up the process?
I'm not a programmer, but i reckon to some degree I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into even making what might seem like a small change to software and how those changes can have a flow on effect to other aspects of the system.
But you never know unless you ask and I do appreciate the time you spend conversing with me and explaining things.
Maybe X amount of license purchases can get a software change or something? (just a thought)

Ok ive had my rant for the week and its friday over here so looking forward to a quiet beer this afternoon and more jukebox preps!
I hope you have a good weekend steve, and anybody else that is reading this.

Cheers Guys
Pub Jukebox / Re: delay in video showing on screen change?
« Last post by Steve on November 25, 2021, 08:07:24 PM »
Hi tigerpie

Back-in-the-day we used to have a basic jukebox music player, and then someone on our forum said what about videos!, and so we introduced videos, and then someone said what about karaoke!, and so we introduced karaoke, and then someone said the video & audio tracks are messing with the karaoke, and so then we made a dedicated karaoke player named 'Karaoke Jukebox' and then someone said make a player that combines all three, and then someone named tigerpie said I need a delay or something...... you get the picture ?  ;D
It's impossible to please everyone, but I think we did good, Pub Jukebox is prety cool, I hope you agree :-)

Pub Jukebox / Re: delay in video showing on screen change?
« Last post by tigerpie on November 22, 2021, 07:51:45 AM »
Hi Steve,
I get that its not a personal video player, hence the reason why we are paying for the Enterprise Version and JMC.
it jsut seems "awkward" for want of a better term that when a karaoke tracks is selected the person will miss the first part of the song.
Unless I am missing something here, so please correct me if i am doing it wrong.
Old mate goes up and selects a song, he stands there with a mic in his hands, the music starts..... but he cant see where to come in and start singing because the jukebox software is showing the music selection screen...?
when the words do come on the screen, he has to play catch up and try to work out where he is at.....gets frustrated, and sits back down again with the shits....

Is there some way around this?
can the software be updated or something added so that if the screen hasnt been touched for say 10secs, or 15 seconds then the video (be it karaoke or a music video clip) is then brought to foreground?
If the screen is then touched it goes back to the selection screen.. which it does do already...
or a menu option in the sys admin or engineer sections?

Ive had to convert the karaoke library from CDG to video as cdg files dont work with the enterprise version, I dont want to know have to go back and try to add white noise to the start of every track now as that will take another massive bunch of time....
Sorry, and now i sound like a whinger, so thats why I am hoping i am doing something wrong and there is a way to have karaoke work :-)
Othen the above the software is great and we are a hair away from having our first 4 boxes completed.

Cheers Steve.
Pub Jukebox / Re: delay in video showing on screen change?
« Last post by Steve on November 21, 2021, 09:18:09 PM »
Hi tigerpie

This is not a fault, it's a feature ;D the delay is designed so that further selections are not blocked by video, remember its a jukebox for all and not a personal video media player.
Pub Jukebox / delay in video showing on screen change?
« Last post by tigerpie on November 17, 2021, 01:28:20 AM »
Hi Guys,
It looks like it takes about 30 seconds from when a video clip starts playing after it has been selected, to when you can actually see it on the screen.
Is there a way to change this so you dont have to wait as long?
this also effects karaoke as, some karaoke tracks only have a 20 sec or so period from it starts playing to when the words need to be sung, so if you cant see the words on the screen you are stuffed.

I did check through the Settings but coudlnt see anything.
It would be good if this could be an option to set from within the System admin or engineer options.
Or is there a config file somewhere that could be edited perhaps?

Cheers Guys
« Last post by Steve on November 14, 2021, 07:31:23 PM »
Glad you got it sorted JR, this post may help someone else too  :D

Merry Xmas  :)
« Last post by J.R.Hartley on November 14, 2021, 03:40:49 PM »
Hi all - thanks for the advice Steve.

So I have solved the problem.

I have done 2 things

1) I installed the SLAVE software on a box with a copy of pub jukebox already on the unit - it was de activated but I have now un-installed as well - in case it was causing some kind of confilct.

2) I have gone over my music library and brought a lot of tracks out of extra folders within other folders !

I then rescanned the music library on the master and copied via usb stick again to the slave unit

This has solved my problem I am not sure if it was the first or second thing that cured the fault either way all tracks now select from the master or slave unit and my music library now has a better structure

Thanks all the best for Xmas  :) :)


Pub Jukebox / Re: Re startup
« Last post by Tony Neen on November 14, 2021, 12:40:16 PM »
There are a few ways you can do what you want, depending on what OS you are using

Windows 7,
I use a program called Multimedia Builder to create an Autorun program that runs full screen at windows start up, in a kiosk mode that does not allow customers to get into the system in any way.
You can set it up so it has invisible hotspots so you can get into the system if needed.
You can have multiple pages available for other tools, for example, restart/shutdown windows, restart your jukebox software ect.

I am VERY familiar with this software and would be able to create a custom Autorun for you.

Windows 10,
Search google for "windows 10 kiosk mode", i have no personal experience of this.

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