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Nsm evolution not turning on

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Hi,I have an Nsm evolution that will not power on,
It did when purchased but after transporting it home it was dead, I have checked all cables ,wires & plugs, all connected, there are 2 green led's alight on the lower pcb, I have checked the fuses on the pcb's all 8.
I checked the power supply by the paper clip in the green & black plug connector & the fan spins has anyone any suggestions what to check next,

what motherboard is it using is it a itx m1000 or can you upload some pics on here might be able to help you


Hi thanks for the reply I have attached a pic of the inside.
Hope this helps

yes its using a epia m1000 so before we go any were are you keeping it as it is with the evolution software or if you was thinking of using it for video jukebox it wouldn't cope with it as its a very low spec mobo also to be honest I have converted quite a few of these and everything in the cab is no use not even the amp
hope that's not bad news
what does work does it power up at all the lights fans

Hi I was going to try to use as is,but if it fails then it  will have to be converted,
Nothing happenes when power is switched on, there are 2 green led's that light on the bottom left pcb board.
That's it, no fans etc


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