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i selected party mode and pressed every key on my keyboard
and cannot get back to windows mode also its not displaying
album art my covers are jpg and my mp3s are clean and tagged
using tag rename
also will you be using on screen visualizations on a second
monitor as the ex cd cabs ive converted look realy nice with
this option


This is an easy one  ;D

open your Help Manual (In windows: Start button -> programs -> Juke Blaster Pro -> Help Manual)

The section "About the service menu" explains all.

ok will do
what about the visualizations any plans or can i add this myself
if so how

There are no current plans to add visualizations to Juke Blaster Pro, I plan to focus on bug fixing and improvements to the main package and the documentation for now.

In the future there may be an additional package the has a more 'media player feel' to it, but thats just an idea for the moment and it would be a seperate package from JBP as I want to keep JBP as close and true to a real jukebox software as I can.


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