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Tags for Videos in Music Manager


Good Day Forum,
I want to know if music manager also create tags for videos (AVI files). Music manager scanned a few of my videos but in detail view I do not see any artist or genre tags on them, like with the Mp3 files.

Hi Guys,

As per the rules I've scoured the forum looking for an answer to this. We want to supply our clients with a significant amount of music videos. How do we tag these? I know mp4 supports tagging but not id3 from what I know. Anybody tagged videos successfully?

Hi reno & bentonsilla

You can either use Music Manager or Easy music Tagger, or your own favorite tagger, MP3Tag is a good free one also :-)

Some video tutorials here...

For everybody else's sake we found a solution to being able to tag of multiple videos from a command line using an app called atomic parsley. As it's a command line tool we can easily batch to embed tags and artwork in multiple videos. Works great for mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4v, .m4b files


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