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whats the difference other then no coin use is there any interface difference with the 2
don't seem to be much infoe on this version
I already have pub juke so is there less options with this one as my new project is tracks only no video or albums just singles

or is it about time you did a singles juke old style with the old labels

Hi John, glad to see you on the forums again :-)...

So, Home Jukebox is a direct replacement for Jukeblaster Pro (audio only), it uses the Pub Jukebox core but it's been modified for people that are just dipping their toe into the jukebox world, all of the complex stuff like bgm timers & flash animations etc have been replaced with the most common things that new users usually want to do like change the back image or rename genre's.
In this release we have tried to hide most of the newbie puzzeling stuff like timers etc, so for instance the BGM function is still there but its just on or off, and there is a built in function to rename file genre's or change images etc, in short Home Jukebox is a cheap entry-level gateway product that will surfice for light home users and may give others a taste for some of our more advanced products like Videobox & Pub Jukebox.


does home juke do standard title track layout or modern
im looking for track style without sub folders I do remember you could use videobox this way but now you cant just says unavailable when you select genre image if you understand what I mean - genre/subfolder/tracks

I just want genre/tracks no subfolder option
is there anyway I could enable this in videobox

Home Jukebox displays tracks just like Pub Jukebox and can be set to navigate by track or album.

Videobox is an album player, so tracks have to be in an album folder, like genre/subfolder/tracks

is there a trial download for home juke


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