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SR5/SR5i where to find one

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Heya guys,

I'm currently finding it extreamly difficult in finding a SR5/SR5i Front Entry not Top Entry. that will fit a Sound-Leisure Cabinet.
reason i'm looking for a new one is because i need to send my current mech for reprograming because of the new coins etc, but i'm unable to send the current one i have 3 pins as i had to remove all other pins to avoid blowing up the coin mech. this is dating quite a few months maybe few years ago when i tried to get a SR5/SR5i coin mech working. which i couldn't then happened to work. but i hotmelt glued the cables down to the pins on the mech... Yeah daft thing to do 1: removing pins that the mech doesn't use for the Coin kit board. and then hotmelt gluing the connected cables to the pins on the coin mech... i did it for a permenant thing but who knew we was going to get new coins back then :-(

so i'm stuck with not having luck finding a replacement coin mech. are there any alternatives to the SR5/SR5i i can use. that keeps everything tidy where i don't have to adjust or modify the cabinet in any way?

any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hi laurence, what about using an SR3 ?, would that work in your cabinet ?.

I'm not entirely sure to be honest Steve.

However i have got some pictures that i've just taken of the coin mech that i've got.

i'm using an SR5i Front Entry coin mech

It looks like one of the early coin acceptors, they are stil available but as you have found they are rare with the top entry.
Can you ask the people that are programing your CM if they have any ?, other than that I guess just keep an eye on good-ol eBay


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