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Tags for Videos in Music Manager


Hi Steve,

We've been applying the copy protection via JMC which works fine for MP3 audio files (scrambles the audio after 30 seconds) but doesn't appear yo work for MP4 video files? Our music license requires us to copy protect the files in some manner. How can we do this?

Hi bentonsilla

You cant scramble videos at the moment (see manual).

Thanks for the prompt response Steve. Your support is always appreciated.

This could be a deal breaker for us. What might be involved in expediting the feature?

I'll add it to the feature request list

Hi bentonsilla

The problem is that video files are HUGE, decoding scrambled videos can cause mediocre PC's to hang etc.

So, even if we developed encoding for videos only modern fast PC's would be able to cope with decoding.

Just out of interest, could you tell me the spec of the typical pc you use & the size of your video files ?


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