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So i'm undecided

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Hi, guys, I have looked at all the packages ie home, video, and pub etc. The home ticks all the boxes except it doesn't have a karaoke option, don't like the layout of Videobox and the pub jukebox has allot of features I don't need and is a bit expensive as I would need 2 licenses. Why do I need 2 licenses you may ask? I'm building a pub shed in my garden and was thinking of building a dedicated Jukebox Rock and Roll themed. But I have just ordered a new touchscreen laptop for use in the house. I have all my music stored centrally on a Nas device. The idea is to do all my tags and graphics I can swap between the 2 devices. So my question is do Jukeblaster offer any other options or what software do people use for karaoke if using home Jukebox?

Does anyone use this board any more ?

Hi paul, If you realy need karaoke I would say go for Videobox, it has tons of adjustements to play with and plays video's too, otherwise just get Home Jukebox if you can do without karaoke.
Best way is to download em and see which you like best :-)

Ps: yeah we still use the board but its mainly used for getting help with bugs and tech problems, at the moment we have pretty stable builds so theres not much activity.


Hi steve is there anyway to get video box to list the albums like home or pub jukebox, I don't like the side panel in video jukebox

Hmm, i think you got it wrong way round maybe ?, Videobox list's albums (or folders), and Home & Pub jukbox both list tracks.
Maybe your folder structure is wrong for Videobox ?...


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