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I've purchased your program around July. Took me some time to connect Coin Receiver, and organize a music library.
Have a couple of questions:

1) If there is a way to disable Equalizer Visualization (Graphic One)

2) There is Band using Numbers in there's Names. Like 20-22's, there no way to add to Alphabetical List.

3) If there is an option to create and play specific playlist on a BGM with different Genres.

4) There is a problem with changing button name in Remote Control App for Android. And I'm not ready to pay 30 Pounds for app update, if there an option to download update for free. Also if I've purchased a program it would be nice to get at least One Month subscription for free to get the latest updates and skins. Right now I'm able to download only v1.8 ScreenShot added. It doesn't feet the screenshot on your

5) When user in Search mode in the program, many people have issue to find out that they need to Push "Exit" for changing Browsing Mode.

6) After adding a song, it would be nice to redirected to "Playlist", that way user get's Verification that his choice been added.

7) If it's possible add a Israel Currency (NIS or ₪)

8) If you will be interested had my Coin Receiver  CH-926 connected with UM232H-B-NC MicroController. If you want, can send you a software and manual how to connect it.

Best Regards, Jan Rubin. 
P.S. I think you've done a really nice work with your project, thank you a lot.

Hi Dvulikiy

1. No, add this to our wish list if you think this should be an option:-

2. Add to wish list.

3. There will never be playlists of any kind on Pub Jukebox.

4. There is only one version of the remote app v1.8, the buttons are changed in the settings menu of the app, if you dont know how to do it just ask and i can show you.

5. Add to wish list, describe the problem there.

6. Add to wish list

7. Add to wish list

8. Please show wiring and describe this for the forum members, this will be good for others to see.

Steve :-)

4. I can change in the Settings, but the problem when, I'm able to change the name of the button, function stops working. (My Phone: Pixel 2 Android 9), (changing color works).

8. It's not only wiring, it's also a software, I don't think I'm allowed to upload it here to the forum.

Here are the button NAMES you can use with your remote control...

VOL + = Turn the volume Up
VOL - = Turn the volume Down
MUTE = Mute the volume
REJECT = Reject the track now playing
CREDIT = Apply some credits
CLOSED = Put the jukebox into a 'Closed' state
POWER = Quickly tap 6 times to shutdown
DOOR = Access the settings menu


--- Quote from: Steve on December 09, 2018, 09:36:53 AM ---Here are the button NAMES you can use with your remote control...

--- End quote ---

 Thanks it Worked! :)
EQ and numbers - Not functional?


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