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Hi All, my first visit, my problem is I cannot get the catergory image from the "folder.jpg" to appear in the videobox screen, I just keep getting the generic built in picture even though I have added an image called it folder.jpg and it is at the start of the category before the albums and I re scanned the library several times.....what am I doing wrong please. thanks Phil

Hi phil, you can watch our Bry's video tutorial here:-
Or, I can screenshare with you and show you how to do it if you like ?


Hi Steve Thanks for a prompt response, I've watched the video about 10 times and read the manual but it just won't work how do we go about screenshare?
thanks Phil

Hi Phil, I've sent instructions to your yahoo email...

Steve  ;D

Hi Steve, I'm going to download team viewer now and send you the codes, BTW I'm using win 10

Thanks again


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