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ELO Touchscreen monitor


Hi All, I am running Videobox with a touch screen monitor from ELO solutions model ET1515L, but when in party mode and I want to exit to engineer mode I press the tab key and up comes the engineer screen but when I click on it with a mouse or touch, the  password keyboard doesn't appear and the program locks out, then I have to reboot my computer, change monitors ( to a non touch) so I can enter engineer mode .. please can you look into this for me. Thanks Phil

Hi phil, I tried this and it seems to work ok for me, if you want me take a look for you (teamviewer) let me know, I'm available Wed morning.


Hi Steve, I'm trying another computer to see if the problem continues, if it does I would like you to have a look if wed morning  you are still available, will post back my findings this evening
Thanks Phil

hi Steve, it seems the problem only exists in win 10 after about 5 times in and out of the videobox program. I've got it to work but while setting up music i'm in and out of the program, normily in windows mode, but I went into party mode and it works for 5 or so times in and out then it gets locked out. so thanks I can continue as normal for now as once it is all set up it won't be a problem



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