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Music Manager id3 Taggs For Videos

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                       I want to know if you can Tagged AVI music videos with this music manager. Because i inputting the artist and track titles and clicking start but nothing show up in the artist and track fields. Windows 10

As far as i know the AVI format doesnt have tags, so you can't tag them (but they will play).

Ok, is it possible to get the old music manager program because the new one has destroyed my music library. After converting it saying all my file cannot be copied because it couldn’t resize tag image

Did you ever get your issue sorted?
And what where the details.. reason I ask is that I am weighing up a few things and your issue here is something that I am likely to come across..

I would suggest using mp4s for music videos. As Steve said AVI cannot be tagged. So you save yourself  frustration and don’t use AVI FORMAT


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