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Hi, new home user here . I have installed remote twice but can't get any more thna 6 buttons to work; on/off, mute,mode,vol +, vol_ and back which oddly works as next . Is this all i should expect ? Pre , next , play and EQ do nothing. Pause would useful if nothing else.
Grateful to know if my expectations are too high or whetehr I can tune/manipulate the app. Cheers

Hi mikkel, the remote is universal so not all functions will work with every product, you should look at your product page for the commands that it supports, for example 'Home Jukebox' has the list of functions shown on this page in the blue section (about half way down the page) here:-

Thanks for the reply Steve , Iv'e been busy (even though we are locked down) . You answer has raised more questions for me as the list of what can be controlled dosent seem to exactly match the picture on the same page , and even more interestig is that my phone screen does'nt macth the picrure either.
I've attached a pic of my phone screens button layout to illustrate .
The Back key on my phone has been remapped to Reject and if I edit the text the burtton stops working completely !
I thought it might be something peculier to my phone (samsung Galaxy S8) so I reloaded the .apk onto two other phones and the results were identical .
Neither my phone nor my laptop have any instructions on what commands can be programmed or accepted, it's either bluetooth on/off or WIFI on off.
Is there an API for the app that I can use to map the scan codes to  the missing buttons and or change the button names . Grateful for any hints on how to proceed. Regards

OOps I forgot the picture

Dont look at the picture for guidance, the remote is universal to all of our products and so the function of the buttons are determined by what you label them (in app->settings), so if you look on the Home Jukebox webpage (in remote section) you will see on the left of the page a list of button names and their function that will work with Home Jukebox:-


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