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mark williams:
Hi can anybody help??
When I genre my music and  re-scanned most are not in the correct genres eg some rock will be in folk, heavy metal in dance etc. Also when I choose the genre from the home screen it also displays another genre.  I have tried to download easy music tagger from jukeblaster site but it tells me it has a virus.  I am running windows10.  Any help would be much appreciated. 

Hi mark, first I can tell you that the virus reports are safe to ignore, we are asked about this anoyance all the time, windows will report any new or unknown program the same way, so you will hat to tell your antivirus to ignore it.

ok, as for your genres, it sounds like your tracks may have been previously tagged with 2 or more genres, I think an easy way to check is to right-click on a track and look at its properties, it may show you what genres the track has.

You can also tag genres directly form within Home Jukebox menu (to enter menu press TAB key on your keyboard).

mark williams:
Hi Steve
Thanks very much for your help.
I am in the process of Re tagging all my music with third party tagger.
your advise was very welcome and made my job a lot easier
once again thank you.

Hey glad to help mark, I think once you get your music sorted you will love it  ;D



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