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Home juke box confirm/decline buttons layout off center

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I'm a newb as you can obvously can tell. I have the paid version, i first downloaded the trial version and that period has expired. I downloaded software again but asks for reg serial. I apologize again

the fresh download will not let me install without activation serial. I no longer have that email.

I apologize for the newb i am, I never post in forums as you can prob can tell. The trial version is no longer an option, it has expired. I purchased the software in June? and i can't test the new one like you had asked

Ok, I sent the key to your email  ;D


Thanks for your help! .. the horizontal centering is spot on! could you center it vertically? if not i understand.

Thanks for all you have done,  and having patience with me.


Glad that fixed the problem for you  :D, vertical align can't be changed though...

Ps: love your jukebox design, background/buttons etc  ;D


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