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"Converting" Videobox music library to Pub Jukebox w/ Enterprise license


I am tossing up whether to use Videbox or PJB as I have a few different scenarios to cover.
If i setup a couple of jukeboxes with Videobox, and then at a later date purchase the relevant licenses for PJB so I can play scrambled music and utilise a few of the other PJB features is it possible to
1) Upgrade / install PJB on a Videobox computer (I am guessing if you cant "upgrade", you just uninstall videobox and install PJB)
2) Convert a Videobox music library to PJB including the scrambling without to much work / hassle?
Is there any documentation on how to do this if its possible?


Hi Scottm

1. Pub Jukebox will run side-by-side on the same computer as videobox, so you could install them both and test to see which one suits you better.

2. The only difference between a Videobx music library and one for Pub jukebox is that Videobox looks for music tags and if they are missing it will use the filename instead, Pub Jukebox on the other hand only reads music tags so your music files must have correct tags, see this video tutorial on how to easily fix missing tags:-

I think the best way to go forward is to download the trial of Pub Jukebox Pro & Easy Music Tagger and just get stuck in and have a go:-

Note, if you dont realy need the scrambling feature of the enterprise edition then just get the Pro edition as the scrambling feature is the only difference between the two, and also the cost is much higher as you will also need an enterprise licence for the JMC, however if you do need the enterprise edition then we have a special 'starter' offer here (Pub Jukebox Enterprise + JMC Enterprise):-


Hi Steve,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Is the Pro Edition of PJB, the version when you click the "Business Solutions" link from the webpage (takes you to the "Get License" page for PJB Enterprise Edition, Non Compliant Versions, and the JMC) ?
or is the Pro Edition what you get when you click the download button for Pub Jukebox?

The Pro edition is the yellow download button, heres the link:-


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