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In regards to the Easy Music Tagger. Will this only tag .mp3 files and other files that use the id3 tags?
For my Video tracks (.avi and .mp4) as they cannot use id3 tags, will the software simply not tag them and instead just use the "artist - title" file name convention?

Cheers Guys

Hi Scottm, it will tag .mp3, .wma, .aac, .m4a, .mp4, .wmv, .mpg, but as far as I know .avi dont have tags (although they might play)

Hi Steve,
So probably best just not to use the .avi file extension then i suspect?

Avi's will probably show and play, but you wouldnt be able to search them by artist, album, year etc

Thanks for clearing that up Steve.
One last question on music tagging.
I have an existing library of music from another piece of software that is no longer supported.
I can export the information from an access DB to a text file, or spread sheet or whatever.
Is there anyway to use an external file and the easy music tagging software to tag my music files for your software?
I have about 100K music files.. give or take. So I am hoping to get around manually tagging everything again.
or if not through the music tagging software, is there another way that you might know off?

Cheers Guys


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