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hi all i have upgraded my jukebox to run the video box software trial at the mo and i will buy ...but i would really like my vids from origanal hard drive .
i have found links on here to a tool that was made to extract them and rename the files but all links dead    can anyone help thanks

Hi mlovell30uk, I will try to help...  :D

What is the tool you refer to ?, can you give me the links ?.

What do you mean by "extract them" ?

Steve :-)

hi thanks ...sorry the link was from a diffrent fourm but im sure iv seen it here on an archive ,,
If you want the music off you can try this.

It is a tool I made for getting the videos off my video surfer and renaming them with the correct name. You will need to install your sound leisure drive into another PC and probably back up those audio files before attempting the tool. It worked fine on my video surfer but I have never tried it on a sound surfer.

The issue with the sound/video surfer models are that they are singles based, they are quite old and have very little hard drive space. Your best option is to install a new PC with large hard drive and the jukebox software of your choice. You should still be able to hook up the coin mech should you so wish with little problems.

sorry that was a post i cut and pasted from a difrent fourm

I think I know wat you want to do now, you want to get some videos from an old hard drive and change their names, right ?

If so, why can't you just copy them from the old hard drive to your new drive like the post from the other forum says ?.

what format are the videos, mp4,avi ?

can you rename them by hand ?, or are there too many of them perhaps ?


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