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Installing sata ssd in Nsm evolution

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Hi I have a Nsm evolution touchscreen jukebox, does anybody know if it is possible to exchange the ide hard drive to a Sata ssd drive
If I clone the ide drive over to ssd would it be a straight swop or would I have to change bios ?
I have a ide to sata adapter, has anyone done this before.
I installed a ssd in my laptop & it increased the speed of loading no end so I’m hoping it could do the same for the jukebox.

Hi newcomer

There's a tool that I use called Mini-tool partition wizard that I think may do the IDE to SSD conversion for you?, give it a try:-

Ps: Pub Jukebox supports Vertical screens:-

Steve :-)

thanks steve for the reply & info,
rather than leave the hard drive in the jukebox to clone
I was thinking about if I remove the drive from jukebox
& using my pc with an ide to sata connection adapter i:e
connect ide & ssd to adapter then usb connection to my laptop would this work, I have the Samsung magician software that worked on the laptop, i'll also download the one you suggested also. what do you think

Yeah, I think that would work, I've done stuff like that in the past and it worked for me  ;D

I’ll give it a go, & let you know


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