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Dj4nrv's Slotto Conversion dual video


Started a new project a couple of weeks ago, just thought id share here what iv done so far.

Started off as a reel king slotto scrapped it down to the bare cabinet and started again from scratch.

:) cant wait to get this finished

Here's some of the latest pics.
I did away with the top monitor for now... but it may come back in time..
I've added green coloured Perspex to the illuminated part of the top door and led lights
Added green led buttons for Games
Added a side door handle for ease of opening the door as it was a bit of a pain
Added green LEDs and white LEDs to the top box
Added black Perspex to the lower of the bottom door to hide payout holes as its no longer needed.
And rewired !


Not bad, I like the green 'entertainment' graphic  :D , is it carved into the plastic or a sticker maybe ?.

Hi steve , its actually just a fancy hole in the metal top door backed with green perspex and leds!
 Still so much todo though.
Im using both kim and coin kit on this one.  Kim for buttons and their leds and coin kit for remote , coins and 12v to sum more leds up top!


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