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i have this jukebox and thinking whats the best software i can use,and will the coin mech still work,and will it work with the hard ware thats already on it,if not what will i need to replace,and will the wired remote still work.i like videobox,so if someone can give me a step by step guide on how to do it.

this is the inside

front view

ive converted these before
they use a itx m1000 motherboard and video jukebox will not run to well as its only a 1ghz cpu but best to
check that out with bry/steve but not ideal moboard very slow not designed for speed
the amp will not work either the way its designed its connect to the main system board
also dont think vjb is compatible to a vertical screen unless bry can do a vertical skin again best to check that with bry/steve

the one i had i ripped it all out and put my own system in but was worth it

so what can i save,i have an old p4 motherboard,with hard drive,what sort of amp do i need,and how would i connect it to the motherboard someone said to use a car amp,but i dont know what one any idea


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