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ok after 3 hours i give up.....My laptop harddrive died and i lost most of my exe's, meaning now i dont have a copy of videobox, jukeblaster or karaokebox, however i do still all my licences as they're saved on individual usb sticks for each juke.

Your new site has made it impossible for me to get hold of these programs again without paying for them.

And there's absolutely nowhere else online i can get them.

Surely you can put the trial versions back up or just make a dedicated download page for people like me who have paid good money for something we cant use.

I had this same problem last week with another mate who wanted to test out the differences betwenn videobox and JBP before buying and the only option i could download to show him was videobox 2.0.........why do you guys not want people to try your products.

Seems pretty slack that i've already paid and now i'd have to pay again just to get the exe even though i have the licence and its the same machine???

Perhaps you could email it to me??

latest jukeblaster and latest videobox please :)

hes got a good point there
maybe a 7 day trial might help more for the standalone jukes as like me over the days
allways making improvements and need to know how the software copes   ;)

NO, there are no more logins or download pages for the legacy versions.

Stampy old mate, you are not going to have to pay again, you are a good customer and contributor on this board and I wont let you down, ok  :D.
I will send you a private message or email with a temporary download location, so look out for it soon.

Just for the benefit of John and all of our other members I will just take a minute to explain why there is no download location publicly available...

First:- the reason our mate Stampy has a problem is NOT because there is no download page, it is because he has not BACKED UP his stuff!    :o

Download accounts are gone, and gone for good!, thats why I have been telling people to make a backup copy of BOTH their LICENSE & SOFTWARE as soon as they download it  8).
I'ts up to you guy's if you want to make a backup, but I will be making an announcement at the next update of Videobox ( that this will be the VERY LAST CHANCE to download a legacy copy (a legacy copy is one that needs a license file), you must download and backup this one because if you find yourself in the same situation as poor old Stampy above V2.8 you will be asked to purchase a new non-legacy license and download.

So why not just make a download page ?..
We dont want new people downloading a legacy version, we have moved away from license files, the legacy version is gone.

Why?:- As you may or may not know there are only two of us here and we cannot now cope with the continual tide of license requests etc from people just not backing up their software & license they have bought, remember we have hundreds and hundreds of users in many different countries.

Thats why we have invested a lot of money and time in our new versions with the online activation service, hopefully this will free us from administration (license requests etc) and allow us to spend more time on developing new toys for you guy's  :D

So, whats the way forward?:- simple...
BACKUP YOUR SOFTWARE & LICENSE FILE TODAY, (Dont think that we will keep a backup for you because we are totally deleting the legacy versions from OUR systems at the next update).

The new version has a DOWNLOAD PAGE that you can visit NO LOGIN NEEDED ;D, and all trials of our software will be there for you too ;D in case you wish to trial one of our other packages, easy!  :D

well that clears it up cheers steve.

If you could email me some stuff i'll back them up immediately on the license usb sticks i have.

BACKUP...........YEEEEEEEEAH its first thing I did,after installing VideoBox and all tracks,coz u never know guys.every customer,who's coming 2  me to fix they PC r laptop,where asked 1st question,haw u backed up ur stuf,do yas save all ur stuff on external HD?????????lol
1 step ahead,buy urselfs external drive,coz if u don't have ur backup stuff ill pay the price,no matter if this software,docs,r pictures of ur loved 1


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