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Can you plz make a download section

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Why can't i buy a licence for the triaal version i'm using? It has now expired.
You have no purchase option on your website, no real contact info and for the record i have emailed asking how to buy the videobox licence with just an auto response then nothing. Is this stuff now obsolete? Should i be looking at other software?
Hope i've not upset anyone posting this here but following the posting instructions didn't work either. The supposed links to post at top and bottom of pages isn't there for me either.
look forward hopefully to some sort of response.


Hi trax, I'm not sure which software license you want but they are all here for you to download and try:-
Give it a try and I'f you like it just click the buy button.

Ps; our contact page is here:-

Steve  ;D

When i hit the buy button it takes me to your default homepage.
I have contacted via the website with no response.
I'm trying to buy videobox, i've tried it already but the trial has expired.
There is no purchase option on your website under videobox.

Its the big blue buy button here:-

Apologies for that. I was on the demo download page. I have now paid for it via paypal as you will see. What happens next? thanks


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