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The end is nigh for direct contact


Well guys it looks like the time for direct contact with us is drawing to an end, our Bry has now totally deleted his email address & PM (private message facility) due to people constantly emailing him with questions instead of posting questions on the forum.

It seems people are just trying to bypass the forum and our website contact forms completely, thinking that they will get a faster answer by emailing us or sending us PM's. I can understand this thinking but it wont work for us and its no faster.

I wouldn't mind but I've had 2 messages in the past 24hrs both from long-standing members (not noobs), one addressing me by name on the forum (instead of asking open questions), and one today via PM telling me its our fault he's lost money because his jukebox isn't working! lol.

I dunno guys, I don't want to lose touch with you but its getting a bit silly now, it seems nobody is willing to follow the forum rules, what should I do ?,

think ive used your name and brys on the forum sos dudes  :-[

Ahh its's ok John, I'm just having a moan, its just ticked me off because our Bry has been forced to delete his email account, he was unable to get any work done because of constant interruptions from people sending 'urgent' emails to him all the time.
Looks like I may have to go the same way too if I cant get people to use the forum properly.
The reason we ask people not to address forum post to us by name is because as soon as our name is used nobody else will attempt to answer the question (even if they know the answer), so the question just sits there until we answer, this is all good but then the next person thinks that this is way to go and they also direct their question to us, and so after a while everyone and his dog is firing there questions at us instead of the open forum.
I don't mind the noobs sending me a PM or email when they first join us, everybody does that at first, I answer their first question but also educate them by providing a link to the forum & rules.
Only problem now is that our Bry wont get any forum notifications or emails so I will have to handle them myself, lets hope I can cope with it, if not then I will have to remove myself from the forum too  :(
Ok... rant over


Sorry guys, I'm no-longer accepting Private Message's or Emails until further notice, all direct communication to me will be rejected at the server.

The forum will continue to run as normal and I will try to help where I can.


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