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Download Filename Fixer V2
« on: May 31, 2011, 04:19:07 PM »

Here are the release notes:-

Release notes for Filename Fixer V2

In step 2 of the interface we have added new functions in the 'Tagifier' section, this section is currently ONLY for use with versions of Videobox from V onwards, the Tagifier WILL NOT WORK  WITH Videobox OR Juke Blaster Pro).

As always you must take extreme caution when using the filename fixer tool, read the warning at the bottom of this file.


The Tagifier tool is designed to help users further optimize their media filenames for use in Videobox title cards.
The Tagifier tool will read any file in the selected folder AND ALL SUB FOLDERS, and TRY to replace the filename with information from the track media tag & will also attempt to optimize the filename spacing for better looking results.

We say TRY because this is difficult to accomplish and there are limitations (some video files cannot currently be read) & safety considerations to take into account (some files have empty tags or the text is too long etc), so the Tagifier tool should be seen as a help, it's not a silver bullet.

IN THE INTERFACE............

The 'Tag Filename' checkbox turns the Tagifier tool on

The 'Artist On Top' checkbox, if checked, puts the Artist on the top line of the Title card, or if unchecked puts the Artist on the bottom line of the title card.

The 'Wide Titles' checkbox alters the spacing of the filename to accommodate the 'Wide Titles' option in Videobox

Finame Fixer is brutal and will change or delete your filenames without asking you, so you need to be very careful when using it for the first time, double check your settings before you begin.

Always test your settings on 1 file first, if you are happy with the result then test with an album, if you are still happy with the result then proceed on to larger volumes of files.

Have Fun  ;D

Download available in the Members Centre:-

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