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My Sound-Leisure Audio Surfer Conversion

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Hi guys,

i have been wanting to share some pictures of my sound leisure conversion. and here are some pictures and one video (28 seconds).

the only problem i'm having is getting the Coin-Controls C220B working with the coinkit board. i've purchased a new board so i'm up to date, i've purchased the CCtalk software and have my coinkit board in CCtalk mode. but the board and software will not pickup my coin mech.

Any advice on how to get the C220B working would very much appreciated as the coin-mech is my only set back on having this complete now and i'm not really wanting to use another coin mech as it means i'd have to make adjustments to the coin-mech area which really isn't alot of space and it wouldn't look very nice. and i have uploaded the datasheet earlier on today.

i have tried using a Sound-Leisure Coin Interface board and an Excel 2.2, but no luck.

Laurence Tweedy

this jukebox is still a work in progress because of the coin-mech is a set back. i'm considering getting the CH-926 coin mech because its less effort. but i don't want to ruin the cabinet to make adjustments to get the CH-926 to fit.

could anyone please guide me through what is required to have the C220B to work.

i have coinkit with remote controller and i have a C220B, do i need a sound leisure credit board, Klingon Board, Excel board?

any help will be very much appreciated

Hi laurence

How is your coin acceptor currently wired to Coin Kit ?.
Can you show a picture of your C/M from the side showing the label ?.

currently, i do not have the Coin Acceptor connected to the coinkit. however i do have the coinkit in CCtalk mode.
but i'm not at the location of the jukebox at present


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