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Bry's S/L with Pub Jukebox installed

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Just a couple shots of my S/L testbed, think im going to gut it an put in a new mobo as its a bit slow with the old s/l pc

did you ever swap out the mobo in this one?
if so how did you get on with touchscreen (I have the sl musicpost II as first project)

I have already quite clearly explained this to you and told you that the touch screen is xp only
also what I find so rude is there is no acknowledgement or any type of thanks even asking the same on the etouch site which I also replied to

sorry bry/steve about this message but some people you just cant get through to please don't remove guys

No idea what this is aboot ?? ?  :o

just me having a turn bry  ;D

he sent me a pm for my help on here and I gave him a detailed advice on what to do to get his zytronic screen which I don't mind [same as yours]

but what I do mind its polite just to say thanks he never came back to say it was sorted or needed further help instead he was still trawling other forums asking the same just taking the infoe and running of if get what I mean

so it wound me up when I saw the above message he's already been told of on another forum for repeating the same request

so I seen this and blew a fuse  :o lol


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