Author Topic: How to get help with your problem or question!  (Read 14038 times)


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How to get help with your problem or question!
« on: June 15, 2010, 11:16:36 AM »
Please read all below, it will take you 1 minute and answer all of your questions ;D


Rule 1  Do not use the forum to argue, berate other members or our products, this is a technical forum only, no politics.

Rule 2 Any questions about serial numbers, account information, payments, product purchases etc email us directly here:-

Ok rules over  :D

Ok, if you have a problem, Dont panic :D, we WILL always help you...

Most of the time your question will already have been answered many times over...

If you hav'nt searched the forum for an answer, do it now!  (top menu bar of this page)  :D.

Ok, if you have searched the forum but found nothing that helps you, next try new install problems...

For Pub Jukebox new install problems try here:-

For Videobox new install problems try here
and here

If you can't find an answer by searching the forum (top menu bar of this page) then by all means, post your question :D.
Give as much detail as you can to describe your problem, (dont be tempted to write a moaning complaint speech (members will probably not want to reply to you), describe in detail how we can reproduce your problem step-by-step so that they can help you :D.

If you have made a post and you hav'nt had a reply, why not send a PM (private message) to one of the board members, asking if they will assist you, (dont send PM's before posting on the open forum).

Ok, One last thing MOST people overlook is the Help manual (No one reads it, But it has all the answers! ??????), its in your jukebox program folder.

Have Fun  ;D


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