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A work in progress !!!!

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Here's stage one of my Juke......

Mounted the Motherboard and the Huge 19" LG screen with a zytronic touch panel, got to hide the power supply in to lower 'deck' so its out of the way (just waiting for some ATX extention cables.....been runnig it for a few weeks and it's faultless

ahh NSM unit, looks like glas or perspex front maybe to mount screen, psu might go in the botom where button s used to be, well done mate is nice to see vbx in a cabinet thats waht its made for :-)

Cheers Bry

The front is a new sheet of 5mm toughened glass, just finished designing the graphics which will be printered soon  :)
And the psu fits very snuggly in the section where the old NSM psu used to sit

Just some update photos......

The PSU is now in its new home where the old NSM transformers used to be and the motherboard is now fully mounted.
The power line to the coin area has been sorted ready for the coin kit and Klingon credit board to be mounted.

And I've now hit the 10,000 tracks mark as well !!!!

Well its been a few years now 4 if im correct.

& she is still going strong & I've never had any issues what's so ever with it.  I only update it about 4 times a year, and it has over 50k in tracks on it now.  im still running the version from back then also, as I have never updated it or connected it to the web.

its used for about 18 hours a day & has been left on for months at a time, at gets very high usage.  even my back up juke box at home, gets about 2 hours use a month & again has been working all that time also. ill have to look at building another & buying a new licence to support you guys. 

Well done jukeblaster.   VERY VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR GUI & Software.


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