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I must admit I have been very lazy with my project, to many other projects.

So far I've really been getting my software set up, now im happy, so its time to make something. nothing to special. but a start

I went down the convert route, too big for me, then I converted an old quiz machine, which works really well.  all with the trusty laptop with activated version still waiting to use my other licence on the final end build.

I've started very basic, added my coin mech and Jukeblaster Remote board, only been waiting 6 month's to have a little play :)  & it functions as it should straight out the tin, very good very handy for using in jukebox mode a must I would say.

But ill update as I go, but It will be slow :)


Just an update

This is what I ended up making.

nice sl conversion mate it looks the part :-)
did u wire up the coin mech too ?

Not as yet, its all wired into a board inside. I need a credit to board to attach to mech , no biggie really just got to get a mars board or something on travels, so I can use the old mech, im sure it could be hacked in some way but , I want to keep it as tidy as possible, the old amp is in there, easy enough to wire too, I could have made the wire but again purchased one so it looks nice and right, I was going to go down the route of a resistor or pots for volume rvc unit, but thought stuff it I want it right, so have the rvc unit for it. reject wont work from it, unless I wire it the usb board. again easy enough.  im sure it had reject and volume, mmmm but other than that, its just my jbp folder from the in wall built system in the games room :)

see attached wall fitted. just a pc the over side of wall. (room needs painting but is a workshop/play area :)

Still have the sound, mech some bulbs & some jigging to do, with reject ect via rvc, usb remote is wired and actually works through the glass, not far but functions perfectly so no need to open up. pop it open press service, and bingo :) any changes updates done via the side entrance or rear of pc for usb update.

Ill do a nice video when finished and cleaned tidy ect, this is basically how it come in, I've just removed unwanted loom and old pc, the main thing is the pc that comes in these old jukes, but that's not really a biggie either, I had an old pc laying around & with video box pro, if it display 1 small fault ill just deactivate & hunt for something better, new is best in the long run of course :) worth the commitment and effect its just taken me some time to find time for it, I did this in an afternoon, however the jbp folder and my art ect has been done over months, because im lazy :)


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