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Just an update.

Be very careful if your using a SL amp/ psu unit,  when it come out the main board, it was 12v dc, when I took board away and come straight from the psu unit, it went 12 AC, ouch credit board smoked, lucky for me I never had the usb board connected, so in the end I hacked into the pc,s psu and took my 12v power and earth from there, I didn't want the sle board still in there no need. new credit board is definitely now required, :(

Well its been a few years now 4 if im correct.

& she is still going strong & I've never had any issues what's so ever with it.  I only update it about 4 times a year, and it has over 50k in tracks on it now.  im still running the version from back then also, as I have never updated it or connected it to the web.

its used for about 18 hours a day & has been left on for months at a time, at gets very high usage.  even my back up juke box at home, gets about 2 hours use a month & again has been working all that time also. ill have to look at building another & buying a new licence to support you guys. 

Well done jukeblaster.   VERY VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR GUI & Software.

sorry had 1 blimp after 18 months.

which the guys helped fix, very very fast,  a must try for any home brew people or people who like tinkering. 

I tried others 2 and this has lived up too and beyond my expectations

well done Juke Blaster TEAM !


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