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not bad for a days work I like it :-)
what cm does it h ave ?

well that was a day lol.
but months of reading and studying learning, but I knew nothing when I started out.

cm c220b

so need a credit board, it does have the orig board in, if I can work out where the pulses come from then im laughing its either on serial or the ps2 port , either one. I doubt ill bother and just add a mars or Klingon credit board to it

well if its a 220b u might be in luck cause u can mod ur Coin Kit board in a way that might work directly with the 220b (ccTalk serial mode) ->

see here for connectin ->

and see here for how to mod ur Coin Kit here (mod at ur own risk) ->

and the history of this mod here ->

hope it works for u :-)

Many thanks for advice linkys :)

it is a serial version, only a 3 pin plug to hook up to it, and I cant find anything on them at all, I did hook the credit board up, was taking coins but randomly added credits back up to 99 on its on so must be a faulty cr board.

here's my c220b

Well replaced credit board, bingo working fine, guess that's what I get for using used parts at the end of the day.
really happy with result, ill do a video and update.


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