Author Topic: Video Jukebox Issues - Need Help urgently  (Read 2127 times)


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Video Jukebox Issues - Need Help urgently
« on: August 30, 2020, 08:21:30 PM »
I have bought the Video Jukebox programme and am also using the trail but with both I am experiencing issues with:

The volume bar on the side of the screen doesn't constantly show. I need it to be shown for users to adjust the volume without using a remote or going into the settings. And even when using the remote, the volume doesn't always work. How do I rectify this issue?

The "on" button on the remote app is not working. Is there a way to allocate certain functions to the remote to customize it?

How do I make music videos play in full screen? Or can i resize the video screen to make it bigger? (When playing videos, there is a space on the side- I don't want anything else but the video to show).

How do i setup background music (BGM) to play and how do I connect it to local radio stations?

How do I play songs lined up in my playlist on shuffle play?
How can I randomly select music without manually choosing songs to automatically play without using BGM?

Any assistance with the above queries will be greatly appreciated as the corrections need to be made urgently. Thank you


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Re: Video Jukebox Issues - Need Help urgently
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2020, 08:15:32 AM »
Hi Sanjay, I will try to help  :D, but note that it is better to ask just 1 question per post instead of all on a single post   ;D

ok, the volume bar shows whenever you change the volume then it hides, if you want volume buttons on the screen then select 'Limo mode' from the special modes page.

There is no 'on' button, I dont know what you mean with this one ?

Music videos will play full screen, but the size of the video on screen is determined by the 'Aspect ratio' the video file, not the player.

You can set the BGM on the background music page, and to play local radio you will have to find the stream url of that radio station. If you show me the stations i will try to help you find the stream url.

To have a random track queue (shuffle), you can set this in the interface options page

Steve  8)

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Re: Video Jukebox Issues - Need Help urgently
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2020, 03:02:53 PM »
Thank you for you help.

With regards to the "on" button, is there a way to start the programme using the remote app?