Author Topic: How to access the Coin Kit protocol menu  (Read 4543 times)


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How to access the Coin Kit protocol menu
« on: March 11, 2012, 04:02:13 PM »
WARNING - the following instructions will change the way your Coin Kit board operates, continue only at your own risk.

Before you start, you need a blank text document on your desktop, open windows wordpad or notepad & maximize it.

1. Hold down the credit button on your Coin Kit board

2. While still holding the credit button insert the USB lead from your computer

3. (timing is esential for this step) as soon as the blue LED light comes on, release the credit button within 1 second.

you will see an instruction appear in your text document, use the service button to toggle to the mode you want and then remove the USB lead from your board to confirm that mode.

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